Velvele Reports: Elections in Turkey #5

We are publishing the 5th installment of our Elections 2023 Reports. With news reports published in English every week until the May 14 Elections, we aim to inform our readers in Turkey and in the Diaspora about the latest developments regarding LGBTQI+ and the elections in Turkey. We hope our reports will highlight various achievements of LGBTQI+ individuals and organizations in the field of politics while establishing an archive of the 2023 Elections. Please feel free to share these reports with your friends, families, and colleagues who are looking for more information on the upcoming elections and LGBTQI+ in Turkey.  

You can read the previously published reports from the link.


MP candidates Talya Aydın (TİP) and Özgül Saki (Yeşil Sol Party) signed “the LGBTI+ Rights Protocol” prepared by SPoD. Both candidates are entering the elections in İstanbul’s 2nd District. 

The Yeşil Sol Party MP candidate Kezban Konukçu (İstanbul, 1st District), who also signed “the LGBTI+ Rights Protocol,” said that she would work towards establishing a parliamentary commission on discrimination against LGBTQI+ if elected.  

The AKP’s leader and presidential candidate Erdoğan and the Minister of Interior Soylu attacked LGBTQI+ people in their campaign speeches. 

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s campaign is continuing with positive messages. The presidential candidate of the opposition, released a video on his Alevi identity, calling the electors to unite against hate. He had also opposed the vilification of Kurdish people in an earlier video. 

The Supreme Council of Elections has declared final voter registration data, and final MP candidate lists across the country.