Velvele Pride Playlist: You Can’t Knock Us Down!

We are in the 4th Pride Month since Velvele was founded. This year is by far the most difficult one among them. Since the anti-LGBTI+ discourse and the hatred that the government has been spreading for months peaked in the victory speech given after the second round of the elections, it is impossible not to see the cloud of anxiety surrounding queers living both in Turkey and abroad. Whatever we feel is very normal, very common, and quintessentially ours. Because we were in such a mood, we changed how we prepare our now traditional Pride song list, we asked our readers to choose the songs. As we need to look at each other, hear each other, and see each other more than ever, we asked our social media accounts: What is your Pride Month song?

Our list, which we prepared with the songs submitted to us, jumps from genre to genre, from language to language, and each song tells something about the feelings of the person who chose it in these days and this month. It is free to write stories to songs, there is no limit to your imagination, neither is it forbidden! No one can interfere with our mood swings between feeling down and glamorous! Pride Month is ours! We have some problems, but we also have solutions for them! This glorious struggle and honorable history that has never surrendered is ours!

Happy Pride Month, queers. While listening to the songs, please remember:

You, I, we…we are each other’s remedy!

Velvele Editorial Team