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Velvele has been amplifying the voices of LGBTI+ people living in Turkey and the diaspora since 2020, growing steadily with its volunteer staff of editors, writers, and translators. Now Velvele has started to make some noise in English!

In its first three months, Velvele English has already made an impact by covering the Turkish elections from an LGBTI+ perspective, making articles by prominent Turkish LGBTI+ writers available to English readers, and keeping our international audience up to date on the politically threatened Pride celebrations in Turkey.

Now Velvele English needs your support to be sustainable. 

The Turkish government has ramped up attacks on LGBTQI+ people in the last 5 years. Activists are being detained at Pride events and marches across the country. Anti-LGBTI+ marches are being protected and promoted by the government. A ban on LGBTI+ organizations and projects is on the horizon. But we are not going anywhere. We will continue to make noise with your support.

You can become a regular donor of Velvele or give a one-time donation and help others hear the stories of LGBTI+ people living in Turkey and the diaspora.

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By supporting Velvele, you can be a part of raising our voices against anti-LGBTI+ discourse in Turkey and in the diaspora.

Photo: Queer Liberation March, New York City, 2023 by Bawer